Summer Camp & Care


Available from 7:00am - 5:30pm 


Includes weekly themed camps and daily trips to the Woodville pool!  Please pack a swimsuit, towl, sunscreen, water bottle and afternoon snack for your child.

ADDITIONAL ALL-DAY CARE (non-camp weeks): 

camp only | Ages 4 - 6th grade

9:00am - 12:00pm 


Includes fun, educational acitvies and a morning snack!  Want your child to stay for the whole day?  Additional afternoon care is $23 per child per day.

A. Medieval Times | June 3-7 

Hear ye, hear ye! All future knights of the roundtable, princes and princesses of the castle, and even dragons are welcome to join in! This camp is all about castles, knights, dragons and other exciting adventures from history! From juggling lessons to catapults, this camp will offer fun all around the round table!  

B. Natural Disasters | June 10-14 

If you love science and how things work, this camp is for you! Campers will study the why and how of all things natural disasters! Ever considered how to make an earthquake-proof building or how tornados are measured? It's all here, from avalanches to volcanoes! 

C. Game Design | June 17-21 

Who doesn't love a good game? Board games, card games, dice games and video games have been capturing the hearts of people throughout history. Learn how to design a game from start to finish! We will also explore how video games are made and code our own Minecraft!

D. Summer Fun! | June 24-28 

Summer is the season for sun and fun, but also water study, bugs, and all kinds of ice cream! Dig deep into the things that make summer exciting such as water buoyancy, the states of matter, and how to make your own ice cream at home! 

E. Paleontology | July 8-12 

Make no bones about it, this camp will dig up all kinds of adventure! Paleontology is all about bones and the art of digging. Study dinosaurs, make fossils, and learn how scientists name and date dinosaurs and other ancient creatures! 

F. Up in the Air!  Exploring Aircraft | July 15-19 

Explore all types of aircrafts. Ohio is the birthplace of aviation, so let's explore flight! Learn about the properties of air and how jumbo jets get off the ground, how hot air balloons work and what keeps helicopters in the air!

G. Summer Olympics | July 22-26 

Follow the Olympians this summer with some games of our own! Learn about the history of the Olympics, some countries who participate, and learn how to play some of the sports found in the Olympic Games. Know all about the Olympics right before the Paris games kick off!

H. Somewhere over the Rainbow | July 29-Aug 2 

Rainbows are fascinating to see! Learn about color, prisms and optics in this camp! This camp will be full of science and art as we explore the color wheel and how light plays a part in how you see color!

ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY, (Solomon) FINAL FORMS MUST BE CURRENT!  Please login to your account and ensure all medical records and emergency contact information is up to date.  If you do not have a (Solomon) Final Forms account, plan to arrive 10 minutes early on the first day of camp and complete an emergency medical form for your child.